Red Carpet Facial

90 minutes.....$135.00

Series of 3......$345.00

Series of 6......$648.00

Oxygen Rx Treatment with Cocoa Enzyme Mask, Microcurrent to tone and tighten skin, and LightStim LED Light Therapy to stimulate collagen and elastin.  The results of this combination is absolutely remarkable!

Sanitas Customized Facials 

60 minutes......$80.00  

This facial is customized using products from the Sanitas skin care line and techniques selected for your individual needs ranging from anti-aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacia, fine lines and wrinkles, and dull, patchy skin.

Casmara Facials  

60 minutes.....$110.00

Casmara is high quality, luxurious professional skin care line from Spain. The secret:  the formulation of the products.  An ideal concentration and appropriate combination of active ingredients as a result of the research of chemists and pharmacists.  A Casmara Facial is a must for women who care about their skin.  It improves the look and texture of the skin, leaving it firm, soft and supple, clean and fresh, with a beautiful glow.  Skin by Matise offers a variety of Casmara facials for different skin types and problems.


60 minutes.....$105.00

Using a special blade, this facial removes all the peachy hair fuzz plus removes dead skin cells.  This treatment is followed by a hydrating mask, serum, moisturizer, and sunblock.

Circadia Oxygen Rx Treatment with Cocoa Enzyme Mask 

60 minutes......$86.00

The Circadia Oxygen Rx Treatment primarily increases skin function, and stimulates fibroblasts, making it extremely beneficial for aging skin.  Its germicidal action helps improve acneic skin.  The lightening and vasco-constricting capabilities give instant results to rosacea and telangiectasia.  The end result is clear, firm, luminous skin.

A cocoa enzyme mask is applied before the Circadia Oxygen Rx Treatment to remove dead skin cells.  Although, this enzyme smells like chocolate cake, it is a very effective enzyme mask.








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