Microcurrent, LightStim LED Light Therapy


60 minutes.....$95.00

Microcurrent is a mild electrical current and is a near duplicate current to that which our bodies generate on its own.  Microcurrent facials are safe and non-invasive, and will sculpt your face, accentuating your cheek bones, lifting your brows, defining jaw line, and smoothing out wrinkles. Microcurrent improves skin tone, elasticity, and offers intense hydration.  Microcurrent is like taking your skin to gym.  The treatment includes a cleanse, exfoliation, microcurrent treatment, and finish with hydrating products and sunblock.

LightStim LED Light Therapy  Facial

20 minutes.....$55.00

Anti-Wrinkle - LightStim combines amber, red, and infrared LED to stimulate collagen and elastin, reduce inflammation, promote circulation and encourage deeper product penetration.

Acne - LightStim combines blue, amber, red and infrared to destroy acne causing bacteria, reduce inflammation, promote circulation and accelerate healing.

Microcurrent and LED Light Therapy         

80 minutes.....$120.00

Series of 3 - $306.00

Series of 6 - $576.00

It is recommended for ultimate results to have a series of 6 - once per week for 6 weeks, then once a month thereafter.

Red Carpet Facial

90 minutes.....$135.00

Series of 3......$345.00

Series of 6......$648.00

Oxygen Rx Treatment with Cocoa Enzyme Mask with added benefits of Microcurrent and LightStim. The results of this combination is absolutely remarkable!


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